Alexander Gerasimov

Information Security Professional

I am a SIEM consultant at Westpac, passionate about delivering tangible
security outcomes. Previous industry experience in software development
and digital consulting drives my passion for tech.

Personal Summary

The only constant in today’s technology industry is change. Grasping this concept has allowed me to adopt a mindset of consistent learning in which hands on experience is the only sustainable way forward. By diversifying my skill set and focusing on self improvement I am able to gain a deeper understanding of not only the world around me but also the people with whom I work and interact. This I believe, is the crucial factor required for overall growth and the solution to real life problems on which our entire industry is premised.

📍Lincoln's Rock, Blue Mountains NSW

I am currently a SIEM consultant working at Westpac in the ISG (Information security group). Please feel free to reach out, I am always happy to have a chat about absolutely anything and enjoy hearing others views and opinions about tech, security and how the industry is evolving.

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Experience & Background

I have rich background and wide range of experience in various industry based roles. Below is a summary of the activities and projects I have been involved with as well as the skills I gained and was able to refine further through the help of my colleagues.

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SIEM Consultant

June 2021 - Present
- Active management of the migration of detection logic and event management from legacy solution.
- Utilisation of Splunk to maximise value of security related raw data and log collection within the organisation.
- Assessment of critical protective controls and the robustness of SIEM capability in delivering value.

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Technology Consulting Intern

August 2020 - May 2021
- Salesforce organisation setup and configuration as an administrator, with a role for various Asia/Pacific clients.
- Design of user experience and process flows for online community portals.
- Implementation of the myTrailhead platform, focusing on content management and creation.
- Client centric enablement by leading hands on workshops to assess and empower users to take ownership of the product.
- End to end testing and proper bug management, assisting in troubleshooting and general solution design.
- Data loading and bulk record manipulation by utilising automated data cleansing methods within Excel and PowerBI.
- Conducting an overall security overview and audit to confirm current permission sets within a Salesforce organisation as specified by industry standards.
- Generating documentation for ease of use and smooth client handover process. Key focus on providing granular specificity to non technical employees.

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Associate Software Developer

February 2020 - July 2020
- Refactoring and enhancing logic for the existing code base for the CargoWise One Ratings module by learning and adhering to correct coding practices and reviews.
- Mark up of WiseTech Academy compliance courses for use in industry training.
- Closely working with the design and creation of the new Admin Lite platform.
- Managing and testing for product defects through the use of functional review documentation.

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Information Security Intern

November 2018 - May 2019
- Performed daily SOC operations including security investigations, analysis and response using tools such as Symantec MessageLabs, FireEye ETP, ArcSight, and more.
- Performed security incident response (CSIRP) activities during both major and minor security incidents.
- Performed triage and takedowns of Westpac Group branded phishing sites.
- Contributed to ongoing development of phishing playbook.

Core Skills & Proficiencies
Business Analysis & Agile Methodology (Jira, Asana, Trello, Confluence)
Object Oriented Programming (Java, C#, Python, Dart, Kotlin)
Event Management & Investigation (Splunk, ArcSight, Palantir)
Database Architecture (MySQL, Oracle SQLDeveloper, Microsoft SQL Server, Schema Design)
App & Web Design (HTML5, CSS, XML, JavaScript, Node.js, Android Studio, Adobe XD)
Photo & Video Editing (Adobe: Lightroom, Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro, After Effects)

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You are about to be redirected to my portfolio site which I completed as part of the INFS3605 course work at UNSW.Please also feel free to check out my coding, photography and personal projects at the social links below.